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Virgo in Love

They can’t really live through their feelings, but Virgo’s can analyse them perfectly. Due to their reservations and fears, their relationships are difficult and awkward to start, which is probably caused by the search for security and perfection…

In most cases, Virgo’s emotions are not controlled by the heart, but by the organising mind. It’s like they have to explain to themself why they are actually in love.

Virgo symbol superimposed on a heart.

Because they want to be sure, hundreds of cross-questions, dozens of situational exercises precede their final emotional decision. Maybe it’s for this reason: to increase safety, that they choose a partner they already know from school or someone from the workplace. For them, the point is to KNOW the person.

Things that often seem trivial can have a negative effect on their final decision. This could be something like wearing the wrong colour or scent. However, in the case of a successful ‘test’, their decision is final, as they then proceed to serve the chosen one for the rest of their life.

The standard the other must reach is always Virgo’s own. This is misunderstood by many, though they do not want the other to be better — that would make them nervous; but not worse than themselves either. To maintain balance, the Virgo uses their ‘big mouth’ that causes them the most problems, fuelled equally by perfection and fear.

This is because their environment does not always know what to do with their comments aimed at creating balance. Their partner can often feel constantly ‘poked’. But they do not mean to be unkind, for by showing a mirror by way of their own criticism, Virgo’s merely enlightening the other about how far they are still from perfection.

The ‘big mouth’ fed by fear is a bit more complicated, as the partner might not even have finished what they have to say, the Virgo is already spewing forth sharp, tactless judgements. The reason is: fear. Since no tiny detail escapes their attention, they notice everything and, as a result, are frightened by signs unknown to them. Most often they will make up some sort of a story for their observations. This is how Virgo tries to make sense of these unknown signs. Once all the uncovered unknowns are placed in the right place in the imagined or real story, they wait…

…for the ‘triggering word’ to unleash their sometimes truly astounding notions. The effect doesn’t delay, especially when they’re right.

In extreme cases, unfortunately, the same fear and inhibition can lead to superficial, rather than lasting relationships. In a harmonious relationship, however, they’re the most loyal and caring companion!

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