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Virgo sign, symbol and constellation

Date range: August 23 – September 22
Ruler: Mercury

Virgo Characteristics

Because you instinctively dread unpredictable things and surprises, your critical character needs the security provided by limitations. That is, it’s important to know the boundaries that surround your life, whether it’s work or emotions.

Due to your reservations, Virgo, you are distrustful of influences from the outside world, so you try to compartmentalise.

However, this kind of organising attitude allows you to notice small things that seem insignificant to others. Because you can’t keep it to yourself, your criticism will surface quickly. While it’s meant to be helpful, most people will misinterpret it.

The reason for your lack of self-confidence is that you don’t love yourself. That’s why you feel guilty when you give or buy something for yourself instead of your loved ones…

Your emotions are aroused by the intellect. That is, you need to know why you are in love. In addition to loyalty, your relationships are characterised by boundless attention. Thus, like a ‘servant,’ you create for your family all the comfort and security that you yourself may never or only moderately enjoy.

Sensitive points in terms of health: the nervous system, stomach, and lower body. Excessive anxiety can cause skin conditions or hypochondria.

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