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Taurus - sign, symbol and constellation

Date range: April 20 – May 20
Ruler: Venus

Characteristics of Taurus

Because you examine everything for your own sake, it can take a while for you to react to the vibrations of the outside world. In order to gain time for your considered decisions, you like to play ‘the innocent’ in order to force your environment to kick in again. Nevertheless, there is a surprising speed in the way you react to matters concerning your comfort and needs…

After satisfying your basic needs (eating, sleeping, sex, etc.), you can work miracles at your specific pace. At the same time, you stubbornly resist being overburdened or forced into doing tasks that have little to do with rationality.

Your peace-tolerant nature avoids disputes, disagreements – even in the case of confrontation, you defend yourself only to the extent necessary. It’s really hard to shake you out of your legendary patience, but if someone overstays their welcome, God helps them…

The same is true if you are threatened or if you feel your security or property is in danger.

In your relationships, you prefer the kind of natural beauty that is tangible and reflects reality. With emotions meant to last forever, you first shower your chosen one with attention, which later turns into fearful guarding.

When ill, you are not an easy patient; fortunately, you rarely are one…

Your sensitive body parts are neck, throat, parathyroid gland, stomach, ears (which is why you are so sensitive to loud words!).

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