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Scorpio in Love

Their emotional world is extreme, penetrating to spiritual depths or heavens unknown to others. They can literally be mortally in love and anything can capture their imagination, but they are especially sensitive to sexual radiation…

Sexuality and its fulfilment (including its quantity!) are more important than to anyone else. Lack of either can take a toll both on Scorpio’s behaviour and mood.

Scorpio symbol superimposed on a heart

Their emotions can range from overwhelming passion to violent bloodshed following a deadly insult. Their excessive demands are to blame, but it is a fact that they feel that boundaries must be crossed, one way or another. All this because they want a guarantee from the one they love, and preferably a guarantee that they know not everyone can give.

Although Scorpio’s are aware of their actions, they still subject the other to constant trials. They are constantly testing the boundaries while keeping an eye on how far they can go… The crossing of boundaries is acknowledged with pleasure, as there’s no greater evidence that they are loved.

Their extreme nature can manifest in the following: if needed they’ll faithfully love to the grave, whoever the companion (in the case of an alcoholic or aggressive partner, their perseverance can be shocking even to their peers). However, as a tyrant, Scorpio’s suffocate the other, sucking the life out of them.

Because in their emotions it’s the means that justify the ends, boundaries can only be set by their imagination. Premature breakup is very taxing for them. In their relationships, jealousy and power struggles can be common. Scorpio’s perseverance, on the other hand, is above average in every sense.

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