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Scorpio sign, symbol and constellation

Date range: October 24 – November 22
Ruler: Pluto

Scorpio Characteristics

Your basic nature is alertness, which means it needs tension – because this gives you energy and strength for your goals. This means, rather than bring you down, the difficulties that arise will spur you on. The cherry on the cake is, you will use whatever tool necessary to achieve your goals…

Your ‘all or nothing’ mentality also stems from the same. With your tremendous focus on energy, you can move mountains just as much as you can destroy everything. Scorpio’s fanaticism won’t spare the things that are important to you, either!

In general, you take everything in life deadly seriously. That’s why you hate it when they joke with or laugh at you. Although you do like to mock your opponents with sharp criticism dressed as a joke.

Due to your outstanding memory, you are unable to forget the grievances you have suffered. Since only ‘sweet revenge’ means satisfaction, you can wait decades for the right moment to take advantage of the other’s momentary ‘inattention’ and make a devastating blow.

Your emotions, like many other areas in your life, are characterised by extremism, Scorpio. Love that lasts to the grave can be as important in your relationships as jealousy or complete tyranny over the other.

Sensitive points in terms of health: the genitals, rectum, and cervical vertebrae. You may experience frequent headaches, rapid recovery from diseases, and more than once, escape from life-threatening situations.

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