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Sagittarius in Love

In the depths of their soul is an eternal young person, like good wine that keeps maturing. They can express their emotions, dominated by their imagination, in many forms. The most common is a combination of highly charismatic charm and phlegmatic attitude. Because they instinctively feel – and rightly so – that there is nothing more tempting than the unattainable…

By pretending to be elusive, Sagittarians easily draw attention to themselves and build relationships (especially boldly under the influence of alcohol!). However, their irresistible appeal is mainly due to the mischievous radiance they were born with.

In their long-lasting relationships, their basic feature, i.e. erratic indifference, can surface again and again. The reason can be twofold! Perhaps because of their inhibition, they feel that they must constantly keep the other in doubt so as not to lose them – or vice versa, this is a way of gaining independence. One way or another, maintaining relationships can sometimes be a problem…

In case of emotional disappointment, or to make up for the lack of a loved one (especially in the case of a female Sagittarian), they may find solace in spending sprees.

In extreme cases, however, they can escape into soap bubble-like relationships, all the more so because they believe that everything must be tried and experienced wherever possible.

In relationships, they long for a partner with whom they can dream and plan together. Even if they sometimes break away from reality; because no one knows better than them that miracles still exist…

Sagittarians reward the maintenance of their intellectual interest with loyalty, trustworthiness, and stability.

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