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Date of Birth: November 23 – December 21
Ruler: Jupiter

Sagittarius Characteristics

Most of your self-expression is characterised by an elevated mood. It’s no coincidence, considering your intellect, constantly peering into the future, gets excited very easily, and regards things that have yet to happen, as a tangible reality. Therefore, your basic nature is: enthusiasm.

Your enthusiasm will inevitably hit walls, Sagittarius. On the one hand, because of the ‘sense of reality’ mentioned above, and on the other hand, because you undertake more than you can cope with…

Nevertheless, disappointments rarely get in your way, as your optimism and faith will help you through most of life’s difficulties. However, the resulting flexibility requires room for moving around, that is, freedom!

Your love for freedom can manifest on both a physical and a mental level. While your physical freedom is limited by finances, your intellect is limited by nothing…

Your intellect is like a sponge. As a result of the experience absorbed over the years, it becomes more and more mature. That is, you learn at a young age and teach as you grow old. It’s this kind of ‘teacher-student mentality,’ whether it’s emotions or work, that accompanies many events and areas of life.

Both emotions and intellect are important in your relationships. After all, you want a partner who can give you faith in the future. Your reward for the maintenance of the intellect, aimed at the future, is loyalty and trustworthiness, and for its absence, phlegmatic nonchalance.

Sensitive points in terms of Sag’s health: the hips, thighs, and liver. Weak intestinal walls can cause stool and varicose vein problems.

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