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Pisces in Love

Uncertainty arising from their emotions can manifest themselves in a variety of forms. But the point is somehow always the same: in their emotional life, suffering and sacrifice are always present to some extent…

They can become a victim even unnoticed by their partner, as pursuing their dreams will endow the partner with qualities that they do not have. Noticeably, however, they get themselves into life situations where either they cause suffering to the other or vice versa.

Despite Pisces’ initial shyness, they easily build relationships. All the more because few can withstand their eternal youthful radiance and, of course, childlike beauty.

Their upbringing and the depth of the relationship will determine whether they will cling to their partner or carry on seeking, lost in dreams and illusions, embroiled in various adventures.

Nonetheless, belonging to someone is extremely important, as, like a child looking to its mother for safety, they expect this from their partner.

Others recognise their boundless good intentions and selfless nature without the need for words. As a result, Pisces easily becomes a victim because they do not want to offend others, and in most cases, unable to say no is often taken advantage of…

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