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Date range: February 19 – March 20
Ruler: Neptune

Pisces Characteristics

The kind of ‘fish’ you are: feeder fish, or a shark – is determined by your self-confidence feeding on your feelings. Your feelings, on the other hand, are your radar scanning the vibrations of your surroundings! That is, your basic nature is adaptation and compassion, Pisces.

Your emotion-driven personality needs loneliness, more precisely time; more than any other sign! Simply to restore order in your own feelings; as the many stimuli through your radar will ‘freeze’ the system sooner or later…
and you end up looking for solutions where you won’t find them.

To gain time to ‘clean up’, from time to time you accidentally drift into situations that make others want to leave you alone. Nevertheless, you need this kind of suffering because it gives you the required strength and time.

In case of disagreement or problems, Pisces try to become elusive, like a ‘fish’ who stirs up the mud so that it can’t see, but also won’t be seen.

The fate of your relationships is determined primarily by your partners. Your adaptation is all right, but if they are unable to create a safe riverbed, you will slip out of their grip.

Susceptible body parts are the feet, ankles, and lymphatic system. As a result of your excessive anxiety, gastrointestinal diseases may also come to the fore

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