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Libra in Love

Libra’s radiance is captivating! Therefore, the representatives of the opposite sex cannot NOT notice; while those of the same sex would rather ignore them if they could. They are instinctively considered a rival. As a result, they will cause most of the problems…

Their demeanour and behaviour seem to create constant competition for them, so in most cases, they are considered a rival. The argument, which is what they fear most, is sure to happen. This is exactly why they don’t have many friends of the same sex. The situation is quite different from the opposite sex.

Libra symbol superimposed on a heart

A Librans emotional world is characterised by shock. Since their sophisticated behaviour cannot go unnoticed, there is no way they won’t be noticed. In other words, they’re off to a good start…

Due to Libra’s beauty (radiance) and the situations they create, unlike the average person, they can even choose from the ‘merchandise’. Due to their nature, they do not want to offend anyone, so they usually make everyone believe they all have a chance…

All the while Libra’s not doing anything other than being understanding and helpful, to the point where the other sees it as more than just a friendship. However, enlightening these people later takes a lot of time and energy.

However, if these emotions are real, they’ll proceed to dazzle. Their behaviour literally mesmerises the other (this is the first shock!). In such cases, they almost guess the other’s thoughts and act on them as well. Libra’s dazzling can get to a point where it’s almost like buying love with their – sometimes even financial – services. Experiencing all this at the beginning of a relationship, the other can be so profoundly affected that they can hardly escape.

Unfortunately, what follows is not always so cheery. Because they lay all their cards on the table so early, their partner after a while may find all this gush commonplace and later, boring. And the reverse is also true: their tolerance disguised as peace and tranquillity can eventually explode like a bomb. That is, Librans are able to break up so suddenly and unexpectedly that the partner experiences it as a shock (this is the second shock effect!).

Full harmony is essential in their relationships, but not only emotionally, intellectually as well. In other words, they will only make a lifelong commitment to someone who can, in one person, be their intellectual and sexual partner.

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