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Libra symbol, sign and constellation

Date range: September 23 – October 23
Ruler: Venus

Libra Characteristics

Your basic nature is adaptation. The environment in which you live, the people who surround you, fundamentally determine your personality. Therefore, an environment or companion with values can uplift you as much as one without can sink you to the bottom.

Librans depend on others’ opinions more than anyone else! Because you don’t want to offend anyone, you take the needs of your environment into account both in your speech and your decisions. However, the examination of different needs and points of view requires constant confirmation from others. That’s why you often seem insecure.

In fact, you have excellent leadership skills, and you have already made your decisions; this is just your subtle way of getting the others to express your plans.

Your harmony-imbued personality is not always appreciated by your own gender. Because of this “extra” in you, they regard you as a rival. Among other things, this is the explanation for your recurring battles with them.

Intellect and emotion complement each other in your relationships. That is, you need both for your lasting relationships, Libra. Tipping the balance in any direction, or the fact that, anticipating emotions well in advance at the beginning of your relationship i.e. you dazzle the other by giving more than the other, can cause problems over time.

Sensitive points in terms of health: the kidneys, the pelvis, and the diaphragm. Excessive anxiety can cause frequent headaches in your case.

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