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Leo in Love

‘Love on the stage!’ – is how their emotional life can best be described. As the main character on the stage of emotions, they try to dazzle their partner, or as a supporting character, Leos wait to be dazzled…

Leos are punctual, striking in appearance and, last but not least, their good hygiene is in themselves half the battle; they are only further strengthened by their initial generosity, especially self-confidence.

Leo symbol superimposed on a heart

Their passion, fed by all these qualities, ignites the emotions relatively quickly. They prefer the beauty seen in front of the outside world (stage), that is, the beautiful clothes, cleanliness, and appearance.

Like a pilot light fluttering in their heart, they retain a memory of the initial, theatrical elements of their relationships. These ‘scenes’ keep their lasting relationships alive.

However, after the curtain falls, outside the stage, a number of problems can follow their emotional life. Leo’s hidden sensitivity comes to the surface where no one sees it, or only a very few… In such cases, as an artist who cannot stand criticism, they are offended.

Their desire to rule can sometimes degenerate to the point where their partner should be downright happy to be their partner. Behind this seemingly bullying behaviour, they usually just want to get the most out of their partner.

In extreme cases, perhaps due to Leo’s overflowing lust for life, or while reliving the role of the stage hero, they’re prone to overindulgence. Thus, simultaneous relationships are not uncommon either. These are primarily limited by financial means, but if possible, they’ll maintain multiple affairs at once. Their unique ability is to perform equally in each of these parallel relationships. For example: at 3 pm they celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, and at 8 pm, they are with their lover for their 6th… That is, no one notices (or maybe they don’t want to) that there could be another one…

Nevertheless, in a serious relationship, they are usually loyal and devoted.

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