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Leo symbol, sign and constellation

Date range: July 23 – August 22
Ruler: Sun

Leo Characteristics

Since you can’t stand laziness and idle dawdling, controlling others is vital to you. Your basic nature is dominion; after all, you are a natural-born leader!

With your legendary optimism and self-confidence, and because you think you understand everything best, sooner or later you will overcome your environment. Driven by the confidence built this way, a Leo will also take on situations which, while exceeding your strength, you will tackle successfully, even to the surprise of your community.

Your confidence, fuelled by the experience of success, is at times at war with the promises you make and use as intensifiers.

Feeling the success already in your pocket, you may, in the heat of the moment promise things that later you can’t, or don’t want to, fulfil.

Being an honest and open person, injustice, especially lies, affects you more than anyone else. In such cases, you, as a proud Leo, will be infuriated and use volume to make an immediate, possibly ruthless attack.

Others are attracted to your inexhaustible energy, your life force, which in itself provides a sense of security.

By getting enough attention, care, and of course praise – so important to your ego in your relationships – you perform above average. Your parallel relationships may be limited by your freedom or financial situation.

Sensitive points in terms of health: the heart, back, spine and adenoids. Despite occasional colds (or allergies), you will encounter few diseases due to your strong constitution.

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