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Gemini in Love

In their emotions, it’s more like WHAT, rather than WHOM they love. Or at least both at the same time. Their emotional world is not necessarily connected to the person, but rather to principles and matters of the mind…

Gemini symbol superimposed on a heart

Gemini’s emotions are aroused sometimes by the heart, at other times by the mind. When it’s awakened by the heart, matters of the mind are pushed into the background and will love WHOM, and not WHAT.

In this case, their bond strengthens, but they ignore reason. At times like these, it is easy to imagine that, in exchange for love, they’ll take on situations that they would never normally do. All of this can lead to a morally weaker partner as well as neglecting Gemini’s own goals.

That is, when they are touched by love, they transfer their principles and intellect onto the other and experience them through the other’s thoughts. Those around them, if they notice anything, cannot influence them much.

When it’s the intellect that awakens their emotions, the situation is reversed and Gemini will love the WHAT. Their emotions in this case can be triggered either by a ‘good-natured’ partner whose mentality they can respect or by a person in whom they see their faith in the future embodied.

Awakening can be fatal in both cases. When their love is heart-induced, as it dresses the other with hoped-for qualities, bitter awakening is inevitable. That is, over time, they realise – or just think that the one they once loved is a completely different person, a stranger to them.

In the other case, however, they gradually learn all their partners ‘intellectual secrets,’ they take in everything they find interesting in their partner. Because in both situations Gemini’s are content with what’s on the surface — in the case of love, they ignore the other’s true qualities, and in an intellectual relationship, having gathered all the facts, they skim the depths, and this superficiality can lead to breaking up.

In Gemini’s case, the best would be a relationship in which love and intellectual motive are present at the same time. This way, their imagination would not wander, they would not indulge in erotic daydreaming. Within one person, the partner would be a friend, lover, and spiritual guide. This is not rare though. Because in their relationships, they will always draw on their psychological skills to pull a few tricks, along with a few fibs here and there. They can talk their way out of anything, anywhere…

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