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Date range: May 21 – June 21
Ruler: Mercury

Gemini Characteristics

There are few things that escape your attention. As a result of your constant intellectual openness, your basic nature is curiosity. As a result, your essential element in perpetual activity…

As someone who lives in the moment, you try to take advantage of every opportunity to further increase your already vast body of knowledge. You, therefore, process the constant flow of information in ideas rather than in-depth. Hence one of your biggest problems: superficiality.

You are in a constant battle and tension: sometimes with time, sometimes with the two selves that dwell within you. Unlike any other sign, your decisions can be clearly distinguished based on whether they were made by the heart or the mind.

No one knows the power of words better than you! You are astonishingly capable of explaining your way out of any argument or dispute, or even of turning a lost battle to your advantage. Your acting skills are a great help in this, as well as the fact that you don’t refrain from playing mind games.

Your partner or the nature of your relationship determines which of your two selves prevails in your emotions. One is infinitely caring and entertaining, making it impossible to get bored, while the other is uninterestedly passive.

Gemini’s sensitive points for your health: your hands, arms, and lungs.

(Your delicate childhood is replaced by more robust adulthood.)

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