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Capricorn in Love

Security plays a key role in their emotions. Perhaps this is also due to the fact that they keep their emotions under constant control, that is, they are reluctant to release them, at least not immediately…

However, all this is only part of their ‘tactics’. With their initially unperturbed, sometimes even cold, sensuality, they’re just testing their partner. After all, this is how Capricorn tries to make sure that the other is worthy of their eternal love.

If the ‘test’ is successful, the reward will be immediate. After all, behind their highly controlled emotional manifestations, there’s an infinitely feeling and caring heart. For them, love is not a game. If they could, they would choose the right partner for life.

Their fire ignites slowly, but over time it grows more and more. As years spent together only further enhance their sense of security, time will only make the relationship stronger, rather than looser. Capricorn’s strong attachment is reflected in EACH of their human relationships. Including their strong bond with their parents.

Because of their search for security, there may be significant age differences in their relationships. Their sense of responsibility and caring nature are so strong that the continued support of an ex-partner after a divorce is not unheard of.

Their relationships may be accompanied by depressive outbursts, extreme mood swings. Especially when their emotional or financial security is at stake…

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