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Date range: December 22 – January 20
Ruler: Saturn

Capricorn Characteristics

In addition to your tough endurance, your basic trait is extremism. Your all-or-nothing mentality is present not only in your decisions but often in your moods as well. Finding a goal, your self-confidence can move mountains, but without it, you will cry where no one can see…

As a result, you need security more than anyone else! Because emotions are harder for you to control because they are elusive, work becomes a means of gaining security. More precisely, Capricorn, the money it can get…

While this attitude is misunderstood by many, and you are thought to be over-ambitious or money-oriented, they have no idea that you are not interested in money, but in the power, it can gain, and of course, the security that comes with it. This is one of the reasons why you like to bribe people (preferably strangers) with your help and service, thus making them indebted to yourself.

Like other areas of life, you take emotions very seriously. Thus, caution and security play a significant role in your relationships. Therefore, in most cases, you keep your emotions under constant surveillance. Behind this attitude of cool-headed and imperturbable sensuality lies an infinitely feeling, caring, and often self-sacrificing heart. It is toward animals that you can best show your emotions unhindered by inhibitions and fear. Maybe it’s because they are the only ones who can give you back what you have to give.

Critical body parts: your knees, elbows, bones, and skin. As a result of your excessive anxiety, gastrointestinal diseases (in addition to metabolic disorders) may also come to the fore.

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