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Cancer in Love

In love, Cancerians behave sometimes as a parent and sometimes as a child. Their parental side is characterised by care and sometimes a seemingly stifling love. They almost guess what the other needs. Their excellent memory helps them a lot in this, as at the beginning of a relationship they take extra care to map their partner’s needs with their cross-examination…

On the childish side, however, you want to be a child. In this case, you expect everything you would otherwise do on your parental side. That is, your partner must guess your thoughts and shower you with attention.

Cancer symbol superimposed on a heart

However, the biggest problem for your environment is not this, but your mood swings. One of the reasons for your mood changes is that you need constant emotional feedback! If you don’t get this in time, or can’t infer it from the other’s reactions, you provoke rows, take offence, retreat, or threaten. You do all this to find out from the reactions whether you are really wanted.

However, these mood changes can be triggered not only by a lack of emotional feedback but sometimes by a word in the wrong tone.

All in all, you need to look after, and if you get the attention or can give it to the partner, you soar. Otherwise, your fantasy world will surpass everything and will become prone to debauchery and over-indulgence. You may try to escape from the relationship for the reasons mentioned above. In such cases, you think that another, a new one, might provide you with greater security.

Emotions of the past will turn beautiful over time, which is why you cherish the memory of past relationships long after they’re gone. Your emotional reluctance is often shrouded in imagined or real illnesses (headache and stomach pain).

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