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Cancer symbol, sign and constellation

Date range: June 22 – July 22
Ruler: Moon

Cancer Characteristics

Your basic feature: your sensitivity, responsible for almost everything! Because you are sensitive to the effects of the outside world, your mood can change from one minute to the next. In other words, it can easily happen that what you find beautiful and good today is bad and ugly tomorrow morning, or even in the afternoon the same day…

You need emotional feedback from your environment more than anyone else. If you don’t get this, then hiding behind your sensitivity, you provoke it.

Your innate intelligence is amazing! Although you tend to feel sooner than think, your computer-like memory has been storing everything since you were a child – surprisingly, even scents…

You usually wait until the last minute to accomplish your goals; or rather, you wait for a strong WHY that will start the processes within you. That’s why you need to be cornered from time to time to achieve miracles.

The security of your home is paramount to you. Just like loneliness… Your retreat is only needed for one thing: to gain strength, to recharge yourself so that you can continue serving those you love.

Your emotions are best characterised by a ‘parent-child’ relationship. That is, at times you act as a stiflingly caring parent, and at other times as a child, expecting all this from the other.

Sensitive points for your health: your chest and digestive system. As a psychosomatic patient, your unwillingness is sometimes cloaked in perceived or real illnesses. Most of these illnesses disappear when the difficulties are over.

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