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Aries in Love

Aries’ love flares up like a torch. Because of this fire, no one can love more ‘right there and then’… Most people consider them a conqueror, even though they are often withdrawn. The point is that the mixing of these two qualities complicates their emotional world…

The Aries symbol superimposed on a heart

However, in addition to their emotions, the sleeping fire can also awaken their desires. When captivated by their instincts, they can seem truly conquering, as Aries’ only takes advantage of the opportunities that arise ‘here and now’ without compromising, only seeing the goal ahead. In the case of flickering emotions, an Aries’ is not initially intrusive, not even conquering, but rather more withdrawn, waiting.

They are waiting for the ‘spark’. Their heart, as if filled with petrol, does nothing on its own, but ignites from a spark… In this case, a spark can be a suggestive look as well as a misinterpreted word. Because their imagination often plays erotic games, even their thoughts can ignite emotions. However, after the flare-up, even if it occurred due to misunderstood or unrealistic signs, there is no going back. They quickly get excited and soon take the initiative without sparing the competitors. The goal is no longer to satisfy but to completely overcome the other.

To achieve victory, they will take extreme measures. Of course, most people in their environment know nothing about this, so the impatience and inability to lose are taken as a compulsion to seduce or even as intrusive pushiness.

Aries’ enthusiasm lasts as long as the fire burns. In the case of small fires, the flame goes out quickly after fully getting to know the other.

The bickering, the desire to rule in their relationships is almost essential. Disputes can lead to two opposite results: on the one hand, they can feed the fire; on the other hand, they can put it out. Because they are rarely an ‘eternal flame’, Aries’ relationships are less stable. It is primarily the characteristics of the partner that determine whether the flame goes out in five minutes or, turning into embers, keeps glowing for hundreds of years. Hasty decisions and marriages often bring colour into their emotional life.

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