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Date Range: March 21 – April 19
Ruler: Mars

Characteristics of Aries

It is your basic nature to react to everything immediately and instinctively. As a result, you often take on situations that go beyond your strength or your potential. This is one of the reasons why people say you ram headfirst into the wall.

Despite all this, those close to you know that thanks to your drive and confidence, you sometimes break through that wall!

Your competitive spirit is evident in almost every area of life. As a result of the hustle and bustle you create, you will sooner or later get into a leadership position.

The single reason you need power is so that you can decide and act without restriction.

As a result of the “I am the standard” principle, you can’t stand people who are weaker, or less intelligent than you. In confrontations with them, you enjoy hiding your attacks behind piercing, sometimes cynical humour.

Regardless, you are the most selfless friend, doing your best to help anyone that you like. Often you don’t get deterred even by the fact that some of these people might take advantage of you.

After a disappointment or any difficulty for that matter, you bounce back! Your energy and radiance are almost captivating, so at any given moment, there is no one who can love more than you can. In this way, your emotions flare up like a torch and can go out just as quickly.

Your head is the sensitive part of your body. Childhood skull fracture, frequent headaches, and toothaches. Your body usually responds to diseases at a high temperature.

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