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Aquarius in Love

Their emotions are tied to the intellect rather than the heart. This is probably where their light-hearted sensuality and strange love of freedom also originate. Aquarians need constant independence and the knowledge that they can leave at any time, but this only in order to stay…

This peculiar contradiction is evident from the very beginning. Because their emotions are controlled by the intellect, they find it difficult to deal with the intangibility of love. To disguise this, while maintaining their charm, they hide behind hostile, antagonistic, and even arrogant behaviour. This creates a competitive situation, as it makes them inaccessible, therefore exciting, to the partner.

After prolonged periods of testing, the person ending up as a partner is the one who can be their friend as well. That is, in this case, acquaintance becomes friendship, and friendship becomes love.

This peculiar behaviour — or their original, rigid concept of relationships — can lead to many problems. This is because the partner will sooner or later discover the fear-induced inhibition behind their behaviour – and the attraction will wear off over time. This is the time of unexpected changes: revelations and disappointments. In such cases, their reactions are devastating, as their decisions, even if they later regret them, are based on their principles rather than their true emotions. Following their impulses, Aquarian’s are ready to break up or even divorce.

The desire to be free or the fear of attachments may lead to loneliness, or possibly to the pursuit of emotions without passion. In extreme cases, they may end up in strange relationships that are seen as unusual or even disapproved of by their community.

However, with a real and truly deep relationship, they can be very loyal and infinitely caring – even for a lifetime.

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