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Date range: January 21 – February 18
Ruler: Uranus

Aquarius Characteristics

Your stubbornness can go as far as sacrificing Yourself, just to let all that you believe in come true. Your basic trait is the stubbornness with which you cling to your principles and ideals!

Your original world of ideas is vast, though it narrows your intelligence. It’s huge because you’re trying to gain as much knowledge and expertise as possible in any topic, and it’s narrow because you don’t notice anything outside your area of interest. Your scepticism, Aquarius, just as your ‘head in the sand’ mentality stems from the same stubbornness.

Your philanthropic love, your legendary humanitarian side makes you an excellent friend. As a result, you also attract people who are hungry for your help. Your support is primarily aimed at those in your immediate environment, but for them, it’s limitless!

The impulsiveness of Aquarius can result in unexpected, often contradictory actions, sudden changes in destiny, and sometimes even risks of accident.

Your emotions linked to your intellect require a special kind of freedom. Because you need to know that you are independent and free. More specifically, you need an unrestricted relationship where you stay only if you know: you can leave anytime. Despite all this, you stay with the right companion till death do you part.

Critical body parts: the joints, the legs, and the circulatory system. The latter can cause varicose veins and, due to acid over- or under-production, gastrointestinal diseases (pancreas).

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