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The older you will thank you for accepting this advice…

Your KEY book

Advice… in personal counselling you would ask how you could make “If you were the fastest and most confidently happy, I would talk about your life and your key…”

There was a period in the late ’90s when more Aries’ men than usual came to me for personal counselling. That it was mainly Aries’ men that came because of the transit of Saturn (it was in the spirit of Aries at the time) was not surprising, but it was all the more so.

These older Aries-type men — otherwise successful people — did not carry much of the qualities of Aries. They weren’t excited in the least.
They weren’t impatient, but they didn’t even rush anywhere. They were like angels: patient, understanding, and charming! All of this was striking enough for me to start studying the changes in the star-signs in old age.

The result was staggering! It turns out that each sign has its own direction of development – that is, the wisdom that the natives of those signs can get to. The interesting thing about wisdom is that it can be obtained regardless of age…

Why is this so important? Think about it! If you could have the wisdom you will in 20 years now, how much would you do differently from tomorrow? Probably as much as you would change with your head today in your past.

this unique publication puts the key to your wisdom in your hands.
Gives you precise directions based on your 5 planets, how to get there sooner…

What is this KEY good for and how does it work?

This material will give you instructions on how to change. That is, what qualities you take on to achieve your wisdom. With your new, now wiser behaviour: you will create new situations and opportunities – in no time. Not to mention that you will avoid dozens of negative events that were just meant to find your wisdom through them….

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