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Uranus Retrograde

What Does The Retrograde Uranus Mean?

The planet Uranus went retrograde last week, until January 18, 2022. What are the special features of this time? What do you need to consider?

What does the retrograde Uranus mean? What are its effect?

Uranus is considered a planet of surprises and new things – it goes without saying that retrograde can be problematic: People tend to act rashly, create chaos and pursue wrong goals. Often you only recognise the wrong ways later and wish that you had been more careful. It can also get complicated when it comes to interpersonal relationships because impatience, impulsiveness and egoism don’t exactly create harmony.

But it is also an important and helpful phase. The retrograde Uranus shakes you up and shows you problems that you could not or did not want to see before. He shows you in a very brutal way when you are on the wrong path and forces you to rethink what seems to be taken for granted in life – and to recognise that there are alternatives. Matters from the past come back to life and maybe given a second chance. If you are stuck at a dead-end street, Uranus will help you recognise it. Meaningful changes can begin in this way.

You shouldn’t start anything concrete yet, but by turning your gaze inward and questioning a lot, you can develop yourself further. The knowledge gained will be important in January 2022 when Uranus turns to direct motion again. Then the time would have come to improve some long term issues.

What should you watch out for with retrograde Uranus?

Here’s what you should do with retrograde Uranus:

Revise: Find old projects and go back to them. Especially if you are not yet completely convinced of the result, it is worth taking another look. Now you are likely to see what the problem is. Even projects that you have already given up on can be interesting again – and maybe deserve a second chance! On the other hand, you can now also become aware that something no longer suits you and that you should let go of it.

Rethinking: Think about the things in your life that seem natural to you. Are you really satisfied? Could there be another way? A better way? Now you can also decide which people still fit into your life. You may want to say goodbye to some friends, while others can take up more space again. Make yourself aware of what and who is good for you.

Collecting ideas: You probably have one or two flashes of inspiration that can actually move you forward – but not yet! Do not implement anything, just write down your ideas first, think about them and develop them further. You can do a lot with them later.

Have patience: Under the retrograde Uranus, you tend to want to act and decide too quickly. But waiting is the better strategy. Also, react calmly if something doesn’t go the way you want it to. It may be that you won’t realise until later that it’s better that way.

What shouldn’t you do with retrograde Uranus

Acquiring technology: It is better not to buy any technical devices during this phase – especially the larger and more expensive acquisitions. Under the receding Uranus, you won’t be happy with your purchases as they are more likely to have defects and soon break.

Repairs: One more thing on the subject of broken devices: During these months it is better not to try repairs that you are not really familiar with. There is an increased risk of injury – and the tinkering will probably not succeed either. Rather trust an expert.

Self-employment: Do you have big plans and want to get started as a coach, in life coaching or in a technical field? Best not yet! You can plan and prepare everything now, make contacts and develop a concept. But you shouldn’t get started until Uranus is direct again.

Starting something new: Basically, it is not good to be active now with a new idea or a new project. Better to wait for the decline before you start.

The retrograde Uranus brings a difficult phase that can upset a lot of people – not always in a pleasant way. And yet you will benefit from it when you know how to use this time for yourself. You can question a lot, gain a new orientation, bring the old back into your life and finally let go of the obsolete.

But you shouldn’t dare to start over yet! Only when Uranus is in direct motion again on January 19, 2022, will the traffic lights for new projects be green.

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