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He Thought That…

Over the centuries, Saturn has “realised” that no matter how hard he tries – he is incapable of influencing us in certain areas of life as the lessons he sets there drift away from us. For example, think about the 3rd House!

What lesson can he set in this house: does our car fail to start (preventing us from commuting to work)? So what? We’ll get it repaired and we’re done. Maybe you won’t pass that school test, for example? But then succeed in the next! Or there’s the 11th House. Are we quarrelling with one of our friends? We’ll soon get over that too!

So, the Lord of Time thought about it and realised that there are areas he cannot influence. Instead, he decided to select from the 4 areas: health, work, money, and emotions – where he can influence us. Thus, when active, he triggers events in these areas.

When is it active?

Mostly when you are on the signs of your axes (Asc, Dec, MC, IC) or when you are on the signs of your Sun or Moon.

To further complicate our situation, the 4 areas mentioned (health, work, money, and emotions) are always mixed up from his preferences. That is, we get a lesson in the area of emotions, and as we begin to recover from it, the next one is coming – let’s say in our work. If we’re starting to get used to the “slaps” we get in our work, then comes the slaps of health or money. Then it all starts all over again: emotions, work, health, money. At most, only the order changes.

In the case of our involvement, we usually use 2 and 3 of the mentioned areas actively. Anyway, he tends to bring out emotions and money most often – because we react to them most sensitively.

Saturn is currently in the sign of Aquarius, and this will not change until March 7, 2023. You are affected, if any of your axes in your birth chart; your Sun or Moon is in the sign of Aquarius. Before you despair as a concerned person…

It is true that in 80% of cases Saturn gives slaps – I mean lessons. However, 20% of our lives have the greatest potential. And as a concerned person, why not be the “chosen one” who gets opportunities from him?

By-the-way, don’t despair about the possible lessons. With your experience just now, you will once again open the treasure chest. Definitely after March 7, 2023!

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