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The Past Helps

Cancerians are constantly living in the past. They just feel like something has to be there. That’s why they memorise everything in a computer-like way – often even smells!

That it is no coincidence that the house of the future is built from the tiny building blocks of the past – mostly Capricorns opposite the sign of Cancer know this. But because they are so preoccupied with building the future, they are less able to deal with the past. Thus, only after the events have taken place, do they have a picture of what actually happened and why.

So, Cancerians know the building blocks, and Capricorns know what can be built from them. The two together make the secret:
namely, that in the first 30 years of our lives, all effects take place. That is, we get to know all the building blocks (shepherded by FATE) that are needed to shape our lives. Later, new effects will no longer affect us, only the old ones will be “repackaged” by the new environment and people.

The interesting thing is that these are “building blocks” pointing to the past, or we can call them road signs – often quite tiny things. An object, a memory, a feeling, a desire. Whatever the first 30 years of your life, they’ve already appeared somewhere (not only in one case and happening many times!).

It is your job to recognise these road signs and put them in place by moving in the direction they indicate.

For example, when you are facing an important decision or crossroads, you are choosing the path to which you find a reference from your past.

Just for testing:
check out one of your life events over the age of 30. Whether it’s a move, a job change, a greater joy, maybe a disappointment, or whatever. I’m sure you’ll soon find a little building block from your past that you’ve encountered before you were 30 years old. Many of these “blocks” are also waiting for you in the future. You should follow them.

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