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Smash Your Limitations book

SMASH Your Limitations

Smash Your Limitations book
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Don’t you have any goals? Or you may have some, but you hardly ever realise them? Then it’s time to awaken the magician within…

There is a card in the Tarot, the magician. The meaning of the card is most akin to the feeling or situation when we set off towards LIFE with our newly earned school qualifications in our hands. This is the moment when eyes bright with goals and plans, we feel that we are taking on the world, fully in charge of our lives.

What happens to the magician within us that only a few percent of us realise their dreams and live a life that we once dreamt of, stepping out of the school gates?

Many people believe that their dreams become buried under the tasks and gloom of routine life. In fact, due to the increase in our personal limitations, we lose our “balance” and with it, our dreams.

I myself have been studying the evolution of human destinies for nearly 30 years. Over the past 10 years, I have been paying particular attention to combining personality development and success principles with Astrology. I am convinced that these practical working methods and techniques will only be made more effective by Astrology! Not to mention that quite a few techniques not yet known are made clear when put into astrological contexts.

One such method, you will find in this book, which will awaken the magician within your personal limiters – and will bring back the feeling you had once, stepping out of the school gates. But not only this feeling, but tangible results, too! The ones you haven’t yet managed to achieve…

In this book, which is just long enough to find as many useful and applicable things as possible in it – I have gathered the experience and research of the last 25 years.

Why a “board game”?

Because it’s about a life planning and implementation system in which you have to go through 12 squares according to certain rules. The rules are provided by the kind of incontrovertible laws of life and astrology that set you up for guaranteed success in achieving your dreams.

This unique system doesn’t force anything on you! It doesn’t tell you how to live or what to like. It has the utmost trust in and respect for the magician within you, so on every “square”, the choice is yours. You decide how much and at what pace you want to evolve. As a result, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to successfully tackle the fields associated with the different aspects of your life.

You can smash your limitations by achieving each goal you set for each of the 12 squares in one turn.

(Footnote: If you are familiar with the WISH JOURNAL in the success compass then you MUST learn this system! Because 99% of my goals written in my wish journal are achieved using the system in the book. I am sure it wouldn’t be different from your goals!)

Author: Gábor Buzsáki. Translated by Krisztina Domokos & Thom Poole.

This book is now available for the first time in English, and premiers globally as a physical book – Coming soon.

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