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The Secret of Timing

…a personal guide for… better decisions!

With the help of the methods in the book – which are easy to master – you can not only mobilise hidden energies – but you will also know when, and for which task…

The personal secret of timing
If you could get it all back…

…what have you lost because of your regrettable decisions, how much richer would you be now? What about poorer in one year if you still can’t avoid them?

Of course, with self-discipline, most of these can be avoided. But what about compelling temptations that were never easy to resist? In such cases, a reliable “helper” would be useful, who would always warn you in time…

The good news is that there is such a thing!

Thousands of politicians and successful businessmen have long known and accepted his advice.

Why not accept it too?
Have you ever felt that you have to do something NOW, otherwise you will miss something very good? Or have almost everything conspired against you and the many obstacles rolled through your plans – because for some reason it wasn’t then and there was no time for that deed?

With this publication, you will find a way to mobilise your hidden energies. You’ll know why the time is coming in your life, and on top of that, you can avoid decisions that you’ll only regret later.

Among other interesting things, you can find out from the book:

  • what most influences your decisions and how you can handle them?
  • you can get to know your personal biology class to mobilise additional energies.
  • the technique of defining your personal cycle.
  • you can find out when to make your decisions.
  • …and the key to a void making wrong decisions…

… And what is a particularly valuable technique?

The book includes two special timing techniques:
You do NOT need any special Astrological knowledge to use the first method, you can easily use it at any time.
The second method involves a secret that cannot be read anywhere else. If you are familiar with Astrology, it is a real treat… The method itself is more valuable than the publication!

…And a personal “experience” about you:
Think about why you are here right now.
Maybe it’s not a coincidence either?
Maybe now is the time to make your timings more conscious, and you are right here because this book will multiply your effectiveness!

Would you miss this opportunity like this, after that?

This book is currently being translated, please contact us for notifications if you want updates.

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