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Are You Looking For Your Place?

Have you noticed, even on your own, that more and more people are thinking about moving from where they live these days? Is it a coincidence? Not at all! In recent years, as if a fox had been thrown into the henhouse, there has been such a sparkle in the real estate market. But not just there, in the heads of people as well. Because more and more people are feeling the need to move.

The situation is this: there is a serious rearrangement happening in the world. There are still a lot of people looking for a “final” location. Or at least the place that will define their life for many years to come.

Why is all this happening?

If we thought about Pluto opposite the sign of Cancer, we wouldn’t be far from reality, as he was the one who threw the fox into the henhouse, resulting in real estate inflation. At the same time, the idea that is born in our minds is that we should move – that is, the search for a place was not caused by Pluto, but by us entering the Aquarians era itself. For being in the Age of Aquarius also means that Aquarian things are added to our lives.

Is Aquarius so fond of moving? On the contrary!

How is it now?

Think of Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius! In his case, it is never what you see or experience, it is usually the opposite. It is no different now. We want to move to find our “final” place. Just as interesting: if you were to ask those people around you, where they want to move to, most of them would say they now want to settle somewhere for good. All of this can best be understood in the behaviour of Aquarius-type people.

Aquarians are like a battery. Although they are full of energy, which makes them seem very mobile to the outside world, and would move freely at any time, are actually in a fixed location, just like a battery. Otherwise, it is precisely because of this duality that they behave differently in the outside world and as they do at home. Anyway, they are usually at rest in their home as they have to recharge the battery somewhere.

Well, since we’re at the very beginning of the Aquarian era, this thing – I mean, that we’re looking for a better place to recharge our battery than we have today, is perhaps more or less felt by all of us. So that’s why so many people want to move these days.

Another factor: the “nightmare” in the real estate market is sure to last until 2023. But! Because the threads are pulled by Pluto, it can cause extreme oscillations in any direction. It is certain that the prices will not stop rising, as well as the fact that, in the name of extremism, you would already find a good number of occasional purchases. Thus, when it comes to property prices, think about any extremes that could happen until 2023.

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