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The Ninth

According to the traditional interpretation, the Ninth House of your chart represents your life events related to studying abroad, law, and compulsory schooling. So not very exciting things at first reading… but as you’ll see in the ADVICE section, it’s just the tip of the iceberg!

the sign in which your 9th House starts shows exactly how you relate to “distant” things (abroad, law, out-of-school learning, etc.) If you know which sign your 9th House starts in, click here to read about the sign forecast from which you can already deduce the events of the year ahead: abroad, legally, and study.

ADVICE for Opportunity Calendar users!

The 9th House is a house of distant things – among other things, here are the ideas that will bring success in your life. Let’s put it this way, that’s where the thoughts you realise in House X are born. Did you think that 3-4 world-saving ideas would be born in the 9th House every year?

in the opportunity calendar, look at the sign in which your 9th House begins. In the positive periods indicated on the sign row, your OPPORTUNITY thoughts will be born, which could lead to success! That is, all you have to do is pay attention to these – and make them come true! Take it seriously – everything you see around you now – all the objects – the device you’re reading this on now: it was born from a 9th House thought. Even your computer or smartphone was once just a 9th House idea that someone made a reality in their House X. Thoughts like this are waiting for you – just watch the positive periods in your calendar. And during negative periods, re-evaluate your goals – so you can turn the effects on the 9th House to your advantage.

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