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Eighth - a shadow


The Eighth

The Eighth House of your birth chart represents the extremes. As a kind of “collecting house,” things that are different from the average — one way or another. That is, here are the biggest deeds of your life and certainly the “fails” to cover up.

The sign in which your 8th House begins shows how you handle life situations outside your comfort zone and how likely you are to reach such events.

According to the traditional interpretation, the 8th House is also called the house of secrets. It is no accident, as we are reluctant to talk about what is happening here – and whether it is a positive or negative event. For example, if you won the lottery jackpot, you wouldn’t post your winning lottery ticket on Facebook, would you?

if you know which sign your 8th House starts with, click here to read the sign forecast, from which you can already deduce its effects or events beyond this year’s average.

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