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Fourth - a clock and wasteland


The Fourth

The Fourth House of your birth chart is one of the most interesting houses. If we were now doing the Astropatica Master Practitioner’s Diploma, I would say that House IV is the house of FATE. Because in this house you will find all the experiences you have gained in your life so far. Why the house of FATE?

Because through your (constantly growing!) experience here, you will notice the opportunities that await you. According to the traditional interpretation, even your events related to your family and home can be found in this house.

Well, the sign in which your House IV begins: determines the course of your FATE. Thus, the effects that will hit this sign in 2021 will show exactly what opportunities await you this year, that is, under what circumstances you must continue your journey. Don’t despair if you read about the effects of, say, tasks in a given sign! Whatever the sign gives you, each will have the same goal: to improve this year as well!

If you know in which sign your House IV is, then click here and read the effects on that particular sign, from which you can already deduce the circumstances under which your destiny will continue this year…

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