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Fourth House

The Fourth House is commonly referred to as the House of Home. When you think of home, you will probably think of that place where you put down your roots or where you grew up. We lay our foundation – planting ourselves firmly into the Earth. One day, we will return to that very same Earth. The Fourth House brings everything full circle by also addressing old age, endings, and our final resting place.

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The self is centred, grounded, one and at peace with the Earth in this House. We seek to come home both physically and psychically, for ourselves and for those we love. By creating a home, we create a meeting place, a sanctuary, a sacred place for ourselves and for others.

Helping to create the home we make are our parents, as they nurtured and shaped us. Therefore, the Fourth House can also be thought of as the House of the Mother, the Parent, or the Nurturer.

This house also describes the real estate patrimony, childhood, and emotions. It is located at the bottom of the chart, and like the Ascendant, it is an angular house.

The Fourth House is ruled by Cancer and the Moon.

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