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Eleventh - sitting around a campfire

Friends and Dreams

The Eleventh

The Eleventh House of your chart is responsible for: your dreams, your desires, your friends, and your patrons – at least in the traditional sense. Because this house can be associated with the sign of Aquarius, its role in the “new world” —that is, in the Age of Aquarius — is greatly revalued.

You can read more about this interesting and worthwhile derivation here: The CODE: 3 – 7 – 11.

So, the 11th House symbolises two important things: the dreams you cherish in your heart – or the community you belong to, and who can help you achieve those dreams in some way.

The sign in which your 11th House begins shows how you will make your dreams come true (or not!).

If you know which sign your 11th House starts with, click here to read the sign forecast, from which you can already deduce the effects of this year that will affect the achievement of your dreams.

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