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Tenth - ladder to the stars

Career Ladder

The Tenth

House X is the house of the future. After all, this house contains everything you will ever achieve. That is, House X shows the greatest achievements of your life. In our materialised world, we could associate this with something other than a career. So, House X: the house of careers.

The sign in which your House X begins shows exactly the “strategy” with which and how you will achieve your greatest results. In fact! It also determines the area of your success. (See the book You Were Born with a Mission).

If you know in which sign your House X starts, click here to read the sign forecast, from which you can get a good idea of this year’s opportunities:

…let’s say your House X starts in the sign of Capricorn or Cancer! Saturn’s involvement is indeed a sign of difficulty, but it is also a challenge to your career that if you complete it, you can move up a level. That is, if your House X starts in the sign of Capricorn or Cancer, dare to bite off a little more than you think you can chew, and boldly accept it – the seemingly daunting challenges. If you accept and nothing prevents your progress, you will achieve it. If your fears overcome you and you do not accept it, you as a punishment, someone 100% less able than you who easily fulfils what you backed away from… The bottom line: in the case of a House X. Capricorn or Cancer, feel free to accept the challenges!

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