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Tenth House

The 10th house referred to as the Midheaven: social success, professional destiny, and the mother.

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It is opposite the 4th house and corresponds to the native’s professional career, as well as his social elevation as compared to his family background. It symbolises his ambitions and his achievements in society. It is also related to the general public, potential fame, and the mother’s influence. The 10th house is in the Southern part of the natal chart and located at its top. The tenth astrological house is in analogy to the tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn.

The Tenth house challenges us to earn respect and recognition in the world at large, making it known as the house of social status and success. Capricorn is strongly influential in its personification of the ever-climbing goat. The house represents our motivation and capacity to make vast contributions to the outside world, establishing our social image.

Those ruled by a strong Tenth house are likely to find themselves in a career of authority, disliking bosses and employers pursuing greater power over us. Different planets in the tenth house indicate a different reputation or professional role for the fulfilment of our needs, with the 10th house marking how we project ourselves in the world and what we enjoy within our career.

The Tenth House is linked with social status, ambition, reputation, public image, authority, maturity, and the desire for strong success within our professional life.

The Midheaven has a significant effect on the way that others perceive us, particularly our social qualities and trustworthiness.

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