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You Have A Bit Of Everything…

The First

The opportunity calendar in the 2021 prediction book is not required to understand this post.

No matter which sign you were born under, you have a little bit of each sign in you. That is, there are areas of life where you act as Aries, elsewhere as a Taurus, again elsewhere as Gemini (and so on). Which characteristic of a particular area of life dominates in your case is determined by your houses in your birth chart. In other words which sign they start in.

For example, if your 2nd House begins in the sign of Aries, then you will always approach the life area associated with the 2nd House as an Aries, that is, financially. So, for example, all the effects that will hit Aries in 2021 will show you exactly how your financial situation will develop this year. If, on the other hand, your 2nd House begins in the sign of Pisces in your chart, the effects on the sign of Pisces will determine your relationship to money. And the same is true for all your other houses. That is, out of all 12 signs – you have a little of each…


The first house of your birth chart represents you. The sign in which your House I begins is the same as your Ascendant sign. The effects on the sign indicate your general mood, for example, the effects listed in the Ascendant’s line in the 2021 Opportunity Calendar shows when and how you will feel in the coming year.

Of course, you can quickly deduce from the other rows on the calendar which area of your life you were in the mood for, or which may make you feel outstanding. As a result, most of the effects are AVOIDABLE! After all, if you know that your mood will be “bad” at a certain period of time – and because of the calendar, which area of your life – you will simply prepare for it by paying more attention to it. The end result will be that you avoid difficulties. The same is true the other way around! If you know when you will have a good period, and also what makes your energies group together, you can achieve even greater results.

the Ascendant sign determines the main direction of the year ahead of you. The effects on it will show you exactly what your overall mood will be like this year. And the other signs in the opportunity calendar tell you exactly what for…

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