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Declining Houses

During my personal consultations – and later when I also made a written natal chart, often I prayed to myself:

“… Please God, give this person planets in Houses 2, VII and/or X!”

Because the planets in these houses provide the chance for a happier life. And I wanted everyone for whom I created a chart would have a happy life. So, I prayed a lot.

Of course, over time, as I became more experienced, I realised it mattered less since they can also be successful and happy to whom their planets show in the chart of so-called declining houses (that is houses 3, 6, 9, or 12).

Anyway, Astrology is a bit old fashioned for these houses. New books don’t necessarily go with the times either, as they repeat the centuries of experience.

Here is the 3rd house, for example. Traditional Astrology associates a narrower environment, neighbours, siblings, and smaller trips with it.

These were really important things…, but they are no longer that today.

So, come to the houses mentioned above, some interesting things, which will hopefully make them more popular!

3rd House

One of the most important houses in our accelerated world! Namely, this house shows your information-gathering ability. The faster you get the information out of your life to any area, the more successful you will be! Those who have a good 3rd house can expect serious success, as the knowledge within them will sooner or later be converted to gold (the forthcoming book ‘Think and Create!’ due for publication next month, explores the news gatherer – Mercury.)

6th House

Let’s stay with this house for the most important thing: health! Even within that… in self-healing! Whoever has a strong, densely populated 6th House is able to self-heal. Doctors are amazed at such people, for they emerge from diseases from which others do not. And how important is this house? Well… without health, life is worthless.

9th House

Although this house indicates a role in all things ‘ABROAD’, the house has a lot more valuable treasure too! In a person’s life, about four times a year, ideas are born with which you could radically change your life. These ideas are born one by one in this house. If you have a densely populated 9th House, it is mandatory to keep an idea journal!

12th House

The house with the worst marketing, though the real miracles happen here! With a strong 12th House (densely populated) you can create with your thoughts, so you even win your youth back! Have you ever seen an old fish in an aquarium? Of course not! As the 12th House is analogue to the sign of Pisces, so a densely populated 12th House will be the surest marker of your youthful appearance. Many people would give anything to look as youthful as you do with a strong 12th House.

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