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Gábor Buzsáki

Asztropatika was set up in 2008 by astrologist Gábor Buzsáki. He is a renowned astrologist in his home country of Hungary, having many media personalities, actors, politicians, and more than 15,000 other clients, but more than this, he uses his astrological insight as a lifestyle coach. His approach is to guide people by using the power of the universe to improve the life of the person.

Buzsáki has written many books, including a number of bestsellers, all now translated and available on this website. He has also created and led highly successful accelerated-learning courses, teaching people the skills required in reading the impulses of the universe.

In his own words

I could call myself anything, then you would believe everything I teach and write. I don’t do that!

I’m Gábor Buzsáki, I was born in 1972 in Hungary, and if you look at my birth horoscope at the bottom of the page, you can see that, overall, there is nothing more or better than you. After all, like you, there are the same planets in my birth chart.

That is, there are areas of life where I feel at home and somewhere I look – but I don’t always find my place.

One such area is speech. (My natal chart shows Saturn in the sign of the Gemini – an indicator of this!)

If we’ve already met, you know – sometimes my head is faster than my mouth (see: the ruling planet of the Gemini is Mercury in the sign of the rushing Aries), and that’s when I stutter. If we were talking, you wouldn’t always notice. Not because I would have outgrown it – just simply, how it is…

Since I have always been attracted to the secret of deciphering the future, I decided that once I had received lemon from FATE, I would make lemonade out of it. That is, by giving advice to others, I will go to do talk about this – and I will make a living from what I am the weakest in! (see my willful birth ruler: the Aries Moon!)

Part of the truth is that I knew from my birth chart where and what I could achieve success (Mercury in House X — communication, speech, writing, etc.). Of course, it wasn’t easy either – but thanks to my courage, I was also able to bring to the surface my ability, which ultimately became the key to my success. I couldn’t always say certain words for the first time, sometimes not even the second time, so for quite a few words: I had to look for synonyms.

The end result was that when I came up with an “unspeakable” word while speaking, I immediately replaced it with a “speakable” synonym – so no one noticed anything from my speech error other than me… however, my vocabulary was constantly expanding! By the way, that’s when I realised the timing effect of the Moon: I noticed that I didn’t need synonyms for certain Moon positions, and at other times the synonyms didn’t help either.

So, at the age of twenty-a few, a little bumpy, – I mean, utterly – my consulting career began. Indeed! So, in retrospect, I don’t even know what made my clients more surprised: my youth or my speech?

In the beginning, I used Tarot cards, and later I gradually switched to Astronumerology, which I developed. I had been working with Astrology even then, but only for very few of my clients, as drawing birth charts manually was a time-consuming task. However, with the proliferation of computers, the way was opened to Astrology.

After 2000, I became interested in the Internet (I noted that the Sun in House 11, analogous to the sign of Aquarius!).

I had to because I always knew that one day the moment would come when I couldn’t say anything new – and I had to move on.

Why did I have to move on?

In the beginning, only I felt like I was repeating myself — albeit constantly because of the stuttering — but I was sure that later it would have been felt by those who honor me with their trust.  And that would have been a big problem since there would have been no soul or heart behind the repetitions that were a burden for me.

So having many media personalities, actors, politicians, and more than 15,000 clients, I also turned to the internet.

At first, I was afraid of switching because I thought the internet was a faceless world – where I wouldn’t have the opportunity to thrive. I know today, I was a huge mistake.

Although I have taken a number of courses, I have read plenty of books – none of which is worth everything I once received from my clients and now from my readers – that is, I get from you. And that is nothing but experience and trust. I also try to do my best to pass on the former and never lose the latter.

After that, what am I like?

Key facts:

NB: My theories and teachings are based on my experiences and insights from the 15,000+ face-to-face consultations. If you want me to share them with you, take a look around the life coaching and astrology books that I offer, and soon the online courses too! (You will find a lot of interesting things there!)

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