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Astrological Almanac - Predictions: April 2024

Astrological Almanac: April 2024

We will still not be bored, as the “igniting sparks” of the fast-moving planets will not let us down in April, either. It’s just the icing on the cake that Pluto, in the sign of Aquarius, if he hadn’t done it before, will now trigger events in the lives of many…

Ephemeris November book

Ephemeris – November 2021

If we just look at the number of planetary movements in November (only four), we might even be happy for that. However, we can hardly expect peace of mind, as the planets that are shaping the world are only just beginning to regain momentum…

Ephemeris October book

Ephemeris – October 2021

It is a rare event when 3 slow-moving planets wake up almost simultaneously. However, this will happen in October – which, incidentally, will fundamentally determine the year ahead…

Ephemeris September book

Ephemeris – September 2021

We have reached one of the quietest months of the year in terms of Planetary Movements. All of this may seem deceptive, especially in the knowledge that the events will be spectacularly lively in October, either for individual destinies or world events.

Empemeris book - August

Ephemeris – August 2021

The lighter part of the year is slowly coming to an end. Although it has not been easy for many so far, especially not for Aquarius and Leo living their Saturn exam. The extra challenges facing them shed light on several things…

Ephemeris book - July

Ephemeris – July 2021

Jupiter’s 76-day forecast period is coming to an end. Anyone who has been following the events of the last few months could get a good taste of everything that awaits them in 2022, or even in the world…

Ephemeris book April

Ephemeris – April 2021

In terms of our trials with the coronavirus, we can finally see the finishing line. The return of Pluto to rest indicates the light at the end of the tunnel. However, we will have to wait a while for a major change, but this will happen in May…

Ephemeris book - February

Ephemeris – February 2021

Apparently, we arrived in the quietest month of the year. Apparently… the most influential planet in your natal chart will change signs twice, throwing a stone into the lake of life that was already disturbed…

Ephemeris book - January

Ephemeris – January 2021

New year, new world. This is how the year ahead, which will be coloured by 68 planetary movements, could be briefly and concisely described. The planetary movement of the year will be influenced by Jupiter…

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