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You were born with a mission book cover

You Were Born With A Mission

Life starts the moment you are born but it only becomes whole when you have your mission.

You were born with a mission book cover

Do you want to know what’s your mission?

It’s inside!

With personalised guidelines!

Believing in yourself is one of the most valuable assets you can acquire on Earth. It is also a ticket to finding your mission. Among many other things, this is what this book endeavours to help.

We do so much in order to become “successful” while we forget about the most important question: why are we here?

If you want to know how the world works and how your own task fits in it, this book is for you.

This inspiring book – which is going to be just long enough to contain every information you need to put into practice – recalls all my experiences from the previous 20 years.

With the help of tested techniques, I will guide you step by step along your path to your mission. On this path, you will encounter things that will perplex you, give you some food for thought, or make you cry. With techniques, you can make use of in your everyday life as well.

Kindle version of You Were Born with a Mission

Find and verify your mission – this is going to be your best investment in life!

This book is currently only available as a Kindle book.

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