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The Book of SATURN

Book of Saturn

You want to fight your lessons for the rest of your life,
or would you rather see what gifts he has in store for you?

I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve met Saturn’s lessons during my near quarter-century consulting career. Thanks to my clients, I had a good view of the different life tasks and the answers to them. I have seen the same mistakes a thousand times and ten thousand times, as have their wise steps to be taken to heart.

In this book, I will share my experiences with Saturn with you. Not Astrological phrases, but advice and techniques filtered from the experiences of thousands of people. I will show you the mistakes you can make against your lessons, their consequences. And last but not least, the smart steps that have already led to success in so many cases…

In addition to a number of useful and IMMEDIATE tips, you can find out from the book:

  • what are the 3 things you get a lesson from (the 3rd will be surprising!).
  • how to handle your avoidable lessons.
  • where to look for your surprises (few people know about this!).
  • the order in which you get your lessons (it will be thought-provoking!).
  • how the Saturn ring can change your life.
  • how to overcome procrastination (easier than you think!).
  • how to rethink your goals to achieve them.
  • how to replace your existing lessons with one easier…

(I didn’t even mention the best ones. Surprise me!)

Surely after reading the book, you will know more about the lord of time than most graduate Astrologers. You will no longer see your lessons as a difficulty but as an opportunity full of gifts!

I will pass on my experience to you so that you can make the most of it. Knowing your Mercury, I know that sometimes a sentence is enough for him to plant a seed in your head to make your life easier. You will find several such seeds in this book… Are you ready?

Author: Gábor Buzsáki. Translated by Krisztina Domokos & Thom Poole

Book of Saturn - Kindle version
Book Saturn - Paperback version
Book Saturn - Hardback version
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