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The company, Asztropatika Kft was set up in 2008 for the purpose of spreading the knowledge, and this website is the international access to the training, blogs, and books of this world-renowned astrologer.

Astropatica was originally the idea of the famous Hungarian astrologer, Gábor Buzsáki, who has been advising and guiding people with his life coaching and astrological insights for many years. In bringing this to the rest of the world, we have partnered with Buzsáki to translate and interpret his work and to educate a wider audience.

We have an increasing number of publications on offer and are posting regular blogs on current issues as seen from an astrological perspective. We post these blogs on this website and on social media channels such as Facebook.

In addition to the resources and training, we provide a global network of like-minded individuals.

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