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Gábor Buzsáki

I could call myself anyone just to believe that… ..but I won’t do it!

My name is Gábor Buzsáki, I was born in 1972 in Hungary and if you look below at my birth horoscope you will find that overall I am no better or more than you. After all, I also have the same planets in my horoscope as you have…

So there are areas of life where I feel at home and areas where I still look for my place, but I don’t always find it<br /> ……one such area is speech.
(see: my Saturn in Gemini, which is difficult to aspect).

If we met in person, you would definitely notice that my head is faster than my mouth. (see: the ruler of the Gemini Gemini is in the zealous sign of Aries) and then I believe in coke.

Of course, you wouldn’t always notice it to me.

Not because I grew out of it – simply because…

I was always attracted to the unraveling of the secret about the future, I decided that if life gave me lemons, I would make lemonade out of them!

So I will advise others and talk!
It is also true that I knew from my birth horoscope in which areas I can succeed (Mercury in the X.dome: communication, speech, writing).

Of course, this was not the easiest thing to do, but thanks to my courage, I was able to bring to light the conditions that were ultimately the key to my success… I could not say some words for the first or even the second time.

That’s why I found synonyms for certain terms.

Otherwise, at that time, I came to the secret of the right timing thanks to the Moon.

I found out that I did not need synonyms for a certain position of the Moon, and synonyms did not help me for another position of the Moon.<br /> (When I think about it this way back… I don’t know what scared my clients more. My young age or my speech defect?).

Over time, I built an Astronumerology system through which I helped my clients.

Gabor Buzsaki Natal Chart

After the year 2000, I became interested in the world of the Internet (I have the Sun in the 11th house, which is analogous to Aquarius!) After several consultations with celebrities, politicians and more than 15,000 clients, I visited the world of the Internet.
At first I was afraid of change.

I thought the internet was a faceless world where I would not be able to develop further.

Today I know how wrong I was.

Even though I have completed a dozen trainings, I have read a lot of books, I appreciate everything I have received and still receive from my clients.

It is experience and trust.

I try to pass it on to the former and to keep the latter forever.
So, what am I really like? Exactly like that!

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