Virgo woman (2021)

VIRGO in 2021

“Dark Horse” – perhaps the most concise way to express Virgos and all that awaits them in 2021. Do you know?! A “dark horse” is a winner that no one expects…

While the effects on the project are a turning point, they are expected to pocket the biggest results nonetheless. This will be provided by Pluto and Uranus in harmony with the sign of Virgo. They will provide the “dark horse” with sudden significant advances.

However, there are other reasons for the rise of the Star of Virgo. In March 2023, Saturn enters the sign of Pisces, inviting not only the natives of Pisces but also Virgo to the lectern. The years before being called in front of him usually work quite well. In this case, the stars of the affected signs increase. The fact that both Pluto and Uranus are involved in star-raising is particularly good. And then we didn’t even mention Jupiter racing towards the sign of Pisces!

So, Virgos are facing some good years, and wait for 2022 because it will be even better than 21!

You are affected: if your Ascendant, Sun, or Moon is in the sign of Virgo. Also, if your house begins in Virgo.

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For more information on January – please read the January Ephemeris.

Coming tomorrow: Libra! Then in order: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and finally Pisces.
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