Taurus woman (2021)

TAURUS in 2021

Taureans are facing a “loud” year. Mostly because your safety-alarm bells will ring multiple times. You are the first to perceive the economic effects on the world, your country, but especially your own destiny. Listening to the screaming “voice” of your emergency bells is obviously not a pleasant thing, but significant advantage over others! After all, your bell rings earlier than the indicated event would occur. Therefore, you will have time to prepare.

Overall, you are facing a year full of opportunities. However, you will have 3 periods when your emergency bell may have a short circuit due to URANUS in the sign of Taurus. The first already at the beginning of the year! If possible, by March 21, DO NOT go into anything that could endanger your financial security. However, this period may be significant for other reasons. This is because it is around this time – in the first quarter of the year – that you decide to go up or down a level in terms of your own financial security. It already seems likely that you cannot stay where you are now. (Not incidentally, the winds of this have been felt since last spring). All of this may seem daunting, thankfully not. Because for most Taureans, this is a huge opportunity.

As for the other two “short-circuited” periods: one will be between June 27 and July 22, while the other will be in mid-October.

You are affected: if your Ascendant, Sun or Moon is in the sign of Taurus. Also, if you have a house starting in the sign of Taurus.

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