Leo woman (2021)

LEO in 2021

By 2021, you will already know exactly what you will receive from the Master of Life (Saturn): have you been given an opportunity or a lesson? Of course, we hope for the former.

That is, a thing or invitation that fills you with pride, yet makes you wonder if you really would be the best candidate for the job. Do not worry! You are the most suitable. He wouldn’t have given you a chance otherwise. However, given an opportunity, it’s good to know: you’re facing the biggest chance of your life. It will not be easy, but the rewards that await you, in the end, will surpass all your dreams.

Don’t be bitter even if you feel like you’ve received a lesson. After all, the time will come when you will be grateful for the experience you are gaining right now.

Whatever you got from him: let MODESTY and HUMILITY be your crutch.

One more thing!
The pain you will feel because of the burdens is only temporary. However, if you give up, it will last forever…

You are affected: if your Ascendant, Sun, or Moon is in the sign of Leo. This also applies if your house starts in the sign of Leo.

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