Cancer woman (2021)

CANCER in 2021

In 2021, the stones that have been carried as a burden in recent years will fall one by one from the soul of Cancerians. It wasn’t easy, and you weren’t in an easy position either. After all, you often had to suffer these burdens not for yourself but for others. IT’S OVER! Plus, you’re going to experience it now, something you haven’t dared to believe in recent years. Namely, that the time will come when you will be grateful for the experience you have gained from your burdens.

Well, the time has come – to make gold out of your tears and experiences.

14 years. Cancerians – you will have roughly that much time to get stronger in all areas of your lives. You will be given every opportunity to do so.

between August 16 and September 10, you will have a short period when the gates before your targets – close temporarily. Then you should be more careful. For the rest of the year – if not always open, they will be ajar!

You are affected: if your Ascendant, Sun, or Moon is in the sign of Cancer. Also, if you have a house starting in Cancer.

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